Side effects of Viagra to be remembered by its users

The online pharmacies selling Viagra have proved to be boon for men battling erectile dysfunction all over the world. This is because the online pharmacies enable men to get this drug secretly delivered right at their homes. The online pharmacies also offer easy payment options for their customers just like any other conventional online store. It is safe to buy Viagra from licensed online pharmacies such as Such pharmacies provide only clinically tested Viagra which is suitable for human consumption and have all the necessary accreditations from the relevant authorities. The doctors provided by these online pharmacies are registered medical practitioners. The prescriptions provided by the online doctors also carry their registration numbers which can be verified by the customers.

The patients must always be cautious about fake online pharmacies selling counterfeit or poor quality Viagra. It is imperative to purchase Viagra from only licensed pharmacies such as with proven track record and good customer reviews. Apart from exercising caution while looking for online pharmacies to purchase Viagra, the patients must also know about the various side effects of Viagra. Some of the side effects have been mentioned here even though the online pharmacies provide complete information regarding the same.

Side effects of Viagra are less commonly seen in patients. Common side effects include headache, dizziness, abnormal vision, runny or stuffed nose, muscle pain, flushing, stomach upset, nausea, vomiting and pounding heartbeat. Problems with urination can also manifest in some patients. Swelling around the ankles and appearance of rashes on the skin is uncommon and requires medical help. Some patients can also complain of pain or uneasiness in the chest which begins as a tingling sensation at the time of sex. This can lead to complications and requires medical help. Other serious side effects requiring medical attention includes seizure, loss of hearing or ringing in the ears, feeling of light-headedness and shortness of breath. Allergic reaction to Viagra is characterized by swelling of face, lips, throat and tongue. Emergency medical treatment is required in such cases. If the erection lasts longer than four hours then it is necessary to visit a doctor because prolonged erection can damage the penis. Viagra should not be taken by people suffering from leukemia, stomach ulcers, problems of kidney or liver or heart and blood pressure problems. Viagra should not be taken by men having penis deformities. This drug also cannot be prescribed to people under the age of 18 years. Viagra negatively interacts with nitrates present in some drugs such as medicines used to treat diseases of cardiovascular system and many recreational drugs. Patients taking alpha blockers for treating hypertension must maintain a six hour gap between taking the medicine and consuming Viagra. Antibiotics such as erythromycin, clarithromycin and telithromycin along with anti-fungal medicines and medicines for treating AIDS negatively interact with Viagra. There are some herbal products and vitamins which may also interact with Viagra. It is the duty of the patients to inform their doctors about all the medicines they may be consuming before going for Viagra.